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Avon Ultra Color Rich Lipstick/Swatches

Today I am trying out some of Avon’s lipsticks.  I picked this color because I thought it be a good color for someone with my skin tone. 

Of course the color is not as bright as what you see in the catalog but its a pretty nice color.  I think it may be a popular shade also for people that like a little lip color.  I thought it looked pretty nice on me.  Below are some pictures.  The cost was $4.99 on sale. 


Avon True Color Eyeshadow Swatches


As a makeup artist I am always trying new makeup and recently the Avon Campaigns have been very inviting.  So I gave in and decided to try out a few things and give them a try. 

Below is my first item, the Avon True Color Quad in Mystery.

I tried this out on my hand with a primer.  The colors are not as vivid as they look.  I also tried them on my mother which is of more of olive skin and felt like I really had to build the color.  I think I would probably combine it with a cream shadow to intensify the colors, but if you’re of very light complexion, this may work just fine.  I did notice without the primer it didn’t last as long either.  That being said, I would definitely use a primer.    Overall for the $5.99 sale price it was ok.  It would be a great quad to start with.  The packaging reminds me of chanel’s quads. 


Below are some pictures. 


Tom Ford Lipstick Review/Swatches

Tom Ford Lipstick Review and Swatches

Tom Ford lipsticks come in a range of shades.  These were a big splurge for me as they are $48 dollar each.   I love the color and the vanilla scent to them.  They are creamy and I love the packaging.

The packaging is very sturdy; they come in a nice square tube and as seen on the picture above, have the logo on the tip of the lipstick.  I love both shades that I picked.  I bought mine online at Neiman Marcus.