How to prepare for your spray tan

Have you ever thought about getting a spray tan?

Maybe you don’t want to lay out in the sun and damage your skin but you would love to have a nice tan and look like you did. ¬†ūüôā

Prior to finding a place to tan, do your digging.  I find that most places that actually give you some pre tanning directions care and want you to have a good experience.

If they don’t offer it, then atleast you are prepared and you will have a longer lasting better experience than someone who just shows up to a spray tanning session. ¬†I get it, sometimes we just think things are one way but actually doing a few things prior would make the difference between a good spray tan or a bad one.


  1. Prep your skin. Before your appointment, shave, wax all unwanted hair and exfoliate with an oil-free body scrub.  You can use some plain old baking soda as an exfoliator (You want to shave/wax 24 hrs before and exfoliate upto the morning off)


  1. Arrive with bare skin.Show up to your appointment with completely clean skin.  Products can prevent even application. This means no topicals, makeup, sunscreen, lotion, oil, deodorant, moisturizer, or perfume! Nothing at all, Bare Skin!


  1. Dress accordingly.Wear whatever makes you most comfortable, whether it be an old swimsuit, underwear, or nothing at all. This decision is completely up to you. Also, be sure to wear dark, loose-fitting clothing after your session. If its summer, use a dress and flip flops. ¬†The tighter your clothes, the more likely you are to streak. So choose something loose that you really don’t care if it stains or not. ¬†If your car has light material, pack a towel to use and place after your tan to protect your car.


  1. Stand still. Once you’re ready to start the spray tan, stand still, close your eyes and anticipate the cold! Moving around can cause streaking and an uneven application of the spray tan.


  1. Skip your workout. Yes, you heard right! Avoid the gym until after your shower or risk ending up with streaks from your sweat.  That also means, avoid any water, rain for the first 10-12 hours.


  1. 6.¬†Shower properly.¬†After your spray tan, wait 10-12 hours to shower. I recommend you sleep in it and shower the next morning. That also means, use sheet that you don’t are it they stain. ¬†(just a little warning) The solution can take anywhere from 6-12 hours to develop, and showering too early can lighten the color. Your first shower should be warm water rinse only! No soap for 24 hours. When you do shower, use mild soaps and stay away from scrubs and brushes for a week. ¬†Don’t use Dove. When you get out, instead of wiping your skin, be gentle and just pat yourself down. Follow up with a heavy moisturizing lotion to extend the life of your tan and help it fade more evenly.

Hope this helps in planning and preparing for your spray tan.


Tttys Trish ūüôā


Pre Wedding Skin Care Tips

Throughout my years of doing wedding makeup I have seen many skin conditions.   I actually decided to pursue further education and go to school for esthetics because of this, fast forward and  so I became a Licensed Esthetician.

I saw the need to educate and help my clients with what seemed to be missing from a lot of daily routines, a simple skin care regimen.

I totally understand that we have so many options that it can be hard to pick the correct products for your skin, there is so many products out there with so many claims, it can totally be so overwhelming and at the same time very confusing.    Below are my quick tips on a skin care regimen.

Cleanse, Exfoliate, Hydrate, and Protect.  These are my go to steps to everyone and anyone that wants to start a skin care routine.

Cleanse  to remove any oil, toxins, environmental pollution, dust, dirt (am and pm)

Exfoliate – Remove dead skin cells, choose between a chemical or mechanical exfoliator. You can start with doing this 3 times a week. (alternating days)

Hydrate – You can use a toner and then right after use a moisturizer ideal for your skin type.

Protect – Always protect your skin, even if you think you are not going to be exposed to the sun. Choose one you like, if you don’t like it you won’t use it. ¬†Sun damage is the #1 cause of wrinkles and dna damage.

If possible, I suggest seeing an esthetician as soon as you know you are getting married so that you can get a personalized consultation. ¬†Skin care regimens can take a few weeks for your skin to get adjusted and I don’t recommend anything new close to your wedding date. ¬†However a good skin care regimen prior to your wedding can make such a difference on the way your makeup looks and it’s something you will continue to do after the wedding and benefit from for a healthy complexion. ¬†Kind of like that new lifestyle change.

About me:

I am a licensed esthetician and makeup artist.  I offer on location makeup services for bridal parties or special events in central pa.  Lancaster, Reading, Exton, West Chester areas.

In studio, I offer makeup services, waxing, including bikini and brazilian waxing, spray tanning Facials, Skin Care Targeted Treatments and personal or group makeup classes.

If you are local to the area, come and see me at Pure Skin Makeup & Skincare Studio in Sinking Spring, PA (Berks County area)





Jon & Erica 5-28-16 Lancaster, PA Wedding

Today I want to share with you the images that were so kindly shared with my by Caroline Logan  

I had the honor to work with Erica and her beautiful bridal party.  I did airbrush makeup on all the ladies, including, mother, aunt and grandmothers.  These ladies where a blast.  The wedding prep took place in Lancaster, PA

I met Erica when she came to my studio in reading, pa with her mother for a bridal trial.  I knew right away that she and I were going to be a perfect fit.  She was so excited and I really felt like I knew her already.  Our bridal trial session was so fun and once I was done she was thrilled and super excited about her wedding day makeup.

The day off the wedding, everyone was so happy and I was so happy to be a small part of her special day.  That morning was super HOT, I actually stayed for touch ups after as she wanted to make sure she could stay fresh for her ceremony since she was doing pictures outside prior to the ceremony.  I remember feeding her pieces of protein bar to make sure she was ok, and giving her water.

She was so appreciative and I felt that from her and was so happy to make sure she stayed hydrated. ¬†At one point she said to me “you are going to miss me” ¬†LOL and I sure do, ¬†her personality is one that you want to stay around and like I said, I felt like I knew her already from the first time we met.

The wedding took place in Lancaster, PA at the Excelsior, for a full listing of all the amazing vendors, be sure to visit the link below.

I am so lucky to see these and share them with you. ¬†For a full look blog post, check out the amazing Caroline Logan “click here”¬†

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Red Carpet Inspired Makeup Looks

Last night I was watching the 2015 Golden Globe Awards and I decided to share with my fans the images of my latest editorial published in February 2015.  This editorial was inspired by previous iconic looks of amazing actresses.

I will share each image and a few of the products I used to recreate the looks. Hope you enjoy ūüôā


This look was inspired by Angelina Jolie’s 2005 Red Carpet look.


Makeup Products Used:

Face Atelier Foundation, Smashbox blush in bare, Nars Bronzer in Laguna, MUFE Aqua Rouge in #8, Clinic gel eyeliner, Ardell Lashes, Eye makuep was a combination of MAC Cosmetics colors in Patina, All that glitter, handwritten and tempting.



This look was inspired by Julia Roberts 2001 Red Carpet look.


Makeup Products used:

Face Atelier Foundation, Charlotte Tilbury blush in First Love, Nars Laguna bronzer, Lips – Ysl #9, Clinique gel liner in black, ardell lashes, eyes are a combination of makeup geek eyeshadows in creme brule, bling and cocoa bear.



This look was inspired by Halle Berry’s 2011 Red carpet look.



Makeup Products used:

Chanel Foundation,  Charlotte Tilbury blush in ecstasy, too faced bronzer, lip line MUFE 3c, Lipstick РNude Kate by Charlotte Tilbury, Eyes are a combination of Chanel cream shadow in Ebloui, Mac shadow in cranberry, makeup geek shadow in creme brule and cinderella.

This look was inspired by Hailee Steinfeld 2011 Red Carpet Look.



Makeup Products Used:

Mac face & body foundation, Mac blush in Danity, Lip color in Ladiva from Chanel and eyes were a mixed of mally eyeshadow in soft champagne colors with a hint of pink.

This look was inspired by Jessica Chastain 2012 Red Carpet Look.



Makeup Products Used:

Mac Face & Body Foundation, Bobbi Brown Blush in Apricot, Mac highlight in Shell, YSL Lip Color, eyes are a combination of Mac eyeshadow in Vanilla, Texture and Expensive Pink, Ardell Lashes.

I did prep every models skin before makeup.

I hope you enjoy and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Trish aka Patricia Solis

Photo credit to Tania Colamarino of Ama Photography, styling by Elaine Fioravanti of best dressed ginger, Hair by Jenn Haines.  Editorial publish in Berks County Living Magazine.


Brazilian Waxing Tips


Considering getting a Brazilian wax?

Brazilian waxes are very common nowadays and most people have heard of them, even if they’ve never had one.

Below find some helpful information on how to prepare, what to expect during your visit and how to care for your skin after a waxing season.

  • Stop shaving! Your first step is to stop shaving. Do not shave or use any other hair removal products or creams 3-4 weeks prior to your appointment. You hair should be ¬ľ inch long for optimal waxing.
  • Exfoliate the area being waxed a few days before. Exfoliating helps remove dead skin and lifts the hair, which assists in better hair removal.
  • Please shower before your appointment and lightly exfoliate before your appointment. Make sure you are extra clean and don‚Äôt come to your appointment after the gym.
  • Let your esthetician know if you are taking any medication that can affect your waxing results, such as blood thinners, Acutane, or Retin-A (or similar products)‚Ä®If you are using topical acne or skin lighting products.
  • Do not tan the bikini area in the 24 hours prior to your wax appointment.
  • With doctor‚Äôs approval, pain products such as ibuprofen can be taken 30 minutes before a bikini wax to alleviate any possible pain. (Please get doctor consent)
  • Do expect to have some level of discomfort. We are removing the hair from the root! However, due expect future visits to be easier and less uncomfortable. (everyone‚Äôs level of discomfort is different.
  • You may experience some redness and soreness after your wax, these are common temporary reactions and should subside within 24 hrs.
  • Wear clean lose fitting pants and clean cotton underwear. Avoid any tight clothes that rub excessively.
  • Don‚Äôt take hot shower; go to the gym, tanning or sauna 24 hrs after waxing.
  • Purchase your post care product to apply to the waxed area every day to prevent ingrown hairs, infection, and regrowth.
  • Don‚Äôt shave in between your waxing appointments.
  • Book your follow up appointment in 3-4 weeks.
  • Call your Licensed Esthetician and get a one on one to get you ready for your appointment¬†and to answer any of your questions.