Vivid MD Skincare – Review

I have been searching for a skin care line for the last couple of month that I can recommend to my clients.  I am a freelance makeup artist, and a lot of times my clients come to me with no real skincare regimen and they always ask me for recommendations.

In my research I was trying to go with a line that specialized in skincare and that was natural.    Eventually I stumbled upon Vivid MD Skincare.

Vivid MD Skincare was originally created for patients undergoing chemotherapy.  Michelle the founder wanted to create a line that was natural without all the harsh ingredients found in many products that have been linked to some cancer.

The line is paraben free, contains no artificial preservatives, dyes, perfumes and the packaging is made off 100% recyclable.

I started using the products on April 1, 2013.  I have been using them now for about 10 weeks.  I also gave my mother a set to use (cleanser and moisturizer).  My mother is 55 years old and just like he daughter, we are skincare/makeup junkies.

My mother loves the products and she has tried a lot of them.  Her input was that they felt nice, have a very clean kind of scent and the skin feels clean and fresh after using them.

My experience was basically the same.  My skin feels smooth, clean and fresh and I don’t feel like I have to use tons of products to achieve the main result, clean, moisturized, healthy skin.

I used the Purifying Whipped Cleanser, Clear Skin Toner, and Balancing Moisture Cream.

Here is a link to the ingredients and also some more information about the line.  Products

I can’t say enough about the products and I will soon be caring the line on my website.  When you can, stop by their website.  You will find tremendous information and best of all, they are so nice at getting back to you with any questions you may have regarding the products.

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