Makeup Lessons

Personal Makeup Shopper

Can’t figure out what to buy?  Frustrated due to the massive selections?  Let me help you shop.  I can help you select products that would work best for your skin type and style.  I have a lot of experience and can certainly help you save some money with making suggestions/coach on things you can be more frugal with items you really shouldn’t.

Personal Makeup Lesson

Schedule a one on one lesson with me.  We will go through your personal makeup and I can help you learn other ways to use your makeup, tips, technique, sanitation.  I’ll also make suggestions on must have items and teach you how to do your makeup.  I will coach you on how to create a day and night look that best fits your features and style.

Teen Makeup Lesson

Ok, so your little girl is growing up.  She is starting to experiment with makeup!  Why not get her a personal lesson to help teach her how to wear makeup appropriate for her age.

 Group Makeup Lesson (2 hr)

Get together with you friend in the convenience of your home.  Learn the newest trends in makeup.  You may customize your lesson by picking a look.  “Natural”, “Smokey Eyes” Teen Makeup” “Glam” “Skin Care Basics”

Bring your makeup bag and lets go over what you have and if the items you have are a good fit for you skin type and tone.

All lessons include skincare basics.

Minimum of 3 participants for group lessons

Special Effects Makeup Lessons

Learn how to create basic special effects makeup

List of other classes available are:

Makeup Bag Makeover

Mother & Daughter Makeup Class

Blend your Beauty Makeup Class

Complexion Basics

Bronzed Smokey Eyes

Smokey Eyes

Can’t find a makeup class, want a customized makeup class?  Just send us an email.